RidgeRunners Hit the Road Early in 2016

RidgeRunners Hit the Road Early in 2016

Kevin Mennett

October 5th, 2016


The RidgeRunners kicked off the 2016  hunting season in big fashion this year.  When I say big , I mean HUGE!  Steve Boswell and friend opened their season with a fly in Alaskan Moose hunt.  Steve’s friend took his moose early on the first day of his hunt and Steve made an incredible shot to take his moose at over 500 yards a couple of days later.  Steve used his own Boswell Custom Rifle chambered in .300 Mag.

To say that the two hunters had their work cut out for them would be a big understatement.  The amount of work to field dress, de-bone, and pack out an animal of that size is beyond imagination.  Steve said the first trip took 9 hours!  We’re hoping to have Steve share more of his adventure with us in the near future.

I will be in South Dakota, the pheasant capital of the universe, October 15 for the opening of pheasant season along with Ben Wright, Amie Heben, Steve Boswell, and friends .   This will be our second trip to South Dakota for our DIY public land hunt.  We’re hoping that this trip will be just as fun as last year’s.  I will be posting pics and updates on our Instagram page!




Kevin “Roo” Mennett


“Now then, please take your gear, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me”      Genesis  27:3




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