2020 Sucks (Unless your Steve)!!  lol

2020 Sucks (Unless your Steve)!! lol

Kevin Mennett

November 13th, 2020


Like you, I have spent way too much time in front of the computer in what has (unfortunately) become the “New Normal”; that being said,  the urge to sit in front of the computer to compose an article has not been a priority.  So, what have the Ridge Runner’s been up to?  Surprisingly, a lot.

Steve drew not only an Alaskan goat tag, but an Alaskan sheep tag as well!  

To say that he had an amazing adventure would be an understatement!  Steve may well be the luckiest man around in 2020!!  As always, his Boswell Custom Arms performed flawlessly at some pretty impressive ranges.


Next up would be Ben Wright and his son Hunter.  They both drew tags to hunt deer in Montana.  Ben and Hunter returned to Milk River Outfitters to chase mule deer and whitetails.  They both were successful, Hunter with a solid Mulie and Ben with a good Whitetail.  Ben also was able to draw a pronghorn tag and ended up taking a record buck antelope!  








Cory and I managed to sneak out over the late spring and throw a few flies with some pretty good success!  Cory is fast becoming quite the fly fisherman.













On a sad note, we lost one of our members and our fly-fishing mentor, Richie B.  Thanks for the  memories and the lessons, you are truly missed.



Hopefully, I will not take such a long hiatus from writing.  We’re in the middle of bird season and archery is quickly winding down.   I do have more to report (my bad luck on a pope and young public land buck), but I will save that for next time.





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  1. There were many highs and lows along with lots of anxiety while preparing and traveling for both of these hunts. The uncertainties of quarantines, testing, sickness, etc. Flying commercially and being exposed to hundreds of people could have severe consequences when you’re in a remote setting a few days later. I was fortunate to draw both tags and therefore I was committed to seeing them through. My sheep hunt was first and I took a beautiful sheep on the opener. This is likely a once in a lifetime tag and I was the only nonresident who drew the first season dates. Even today, it still seems surreal. I had to return home and make a second trip for my goat hunt due to the season dates being spread apart. I wasn’t as fortunate to fill my tag early on this hunt. After being on a glacier for a few days, I needed to relocate, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. A few days later things settled down a bit and I was able move to another area. I just had a good feeling about this new area. The next morning I found a large bear feeding in the vicinity where I was expecting to see mountain goats. This led me to believe the bear had scared the goats away. This meant more hiking, but eventually a nice billy was located and after looking him over, I decided he was the one. Once again, I was blessed with another beautiful animal. I’m not always successful at filling every tag I hold, but so thankful I was able to fill these two, especially during these crazy times. My best to everyone this season. May you all stay safe and healthy.

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