Meet our newest member; RidgeRunner Gauge!

Meet our newest member; RidgeRunner Gauge!

Kevin Mennett

August 7th, 2018


If you read my post about our 2017 Milk River deer hunt, you know that we had a very successful trip.  What you don’t know is that I made a decision on that trip that will most likely have a big impact on my life.  I had been mulling this over for some time and with the blessing of my fiancee, Karen, I made the call.  I called a kennel to purchase an English Setter pup.  I had spent the last couple of seasons following Ben and his dogs around South Dakota, Montana, and Pennsylvania and I guess I wanted to experience hunting over my own dog.  I made the call the day after I took my buck.  I was glassing a field with our guide waiting on Scott to finish his morning hunt.  I can still see the smile on Ben’s face when I told him.

My pup was born and I had first pick of the litter.  Ben and I drove to the kennel and he watched as I made my choice.  Truth be told, it didn’t take me long.  I knew which pup I wanted as soon as I walked in.  A few weeks later, I received some terrible news, my pup had gotten sick and died.  Karen and I were heartbroken.  I didn’t know what to do, but Ben and fellow RidgeRunner Steve Boswell encouraged me to contact other kennels, which I did.  I sent out close to a dozen emails; I heard back from two.  The first to contact me was JC Smith of Sugar Creeek English Setters in New York.  He called to inform me he did not have an upcoming litter planned but knew of several other breeders and offered his help.  The second was from Jason at Deadwater Adventures in New Hampshire.  After speaking with Jason, I settled on a beautiful tri-colored setter.

Steve was gracious enough to accompany me on my LONG trip to pick up the new pup.  It took us approximately 11 hours to drive to upstate New Hampshire.  The drive was not bad and we even managed to see a young moose in Vermont!  I would love to see the country in the fall! (Gauge and I may be back in a few years to hunt grouse and woodcock.)

We met Jason Busfield and his dogs Wednesday the 13th In the Colebrook, NH area at Deadwater Gundogs of New England.  Gauge’s parents are Deadwater Jake and Deadwater Abby.   I was so excited that I totally forgot to take any photos.

You can contact Jason at: www.deadwateradventures.com or by phone 603-237-4894.

Gauge is my first bird dog and to say I’m a little intimidated about the upcoming training process is a massive understatement!  Check back to see how the two of us are coming along.  Hopefully I will have many seasons of running ridges and fields with my new hunting buddy Ridge Runner Gauge!

Wish us luck!


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  1. Welcome Gauge! We’re looking forward to spending time hunting with you.

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