A Buck For Sis

A Buck For Sis

Kevin Mennett

November 27th, 2018




On October 29, I had the opportunity to sit my tree stand for a quick evening archery hunt.  I stopped at Ultimate Outdoors in Plum to pick up some deer scent.  After a brief conversation, they suggested I try Paul Pillick’s Doe Urine (I’m sure glad they did).


Before reaching my stand, I placed a saturated scent wick 25 yards down wind and to the right of my set up.  I climbed into my tree stand and attached my safety harness thinking that at the very least, the scent wick would help cover my scent.

Shortly after getting settled in, the wind picked up and was blowing steadily to my right.  I was thinking that I should probably get down so I wouldn’t scent contaminate the area, but I caught movement coming from directly down wind.  A nice buck was cautiously approaching.  He would take several steps and pause, nose up, sniffing the wind.  He slowly approached and went directly to the scent wick giving me a perfect quartering away shot.  I watched as my arrow buried into his opposite shoulder.  The buck ran to my left and tipped over 120 yards from my tree!


Thanks to Ultimate Outdoors for their suggesting Paul Pillick’s Doe Urine.  I’m definatly a believer in their product!  They helped me take my biggest buck to date.


Kim Mennett Hicks

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