Passing It On

Passing It On

Kevin Mennett

August 26th, 2015


The opening day of archery  season is just around the corner for most of the country.  I’m sure that (like me) you’ve spent countless hours tuning and shooting your bow.  Your trail cameras have been out and pictures and videos have been analyzed.  Stands have been hung and shooting lanes trimmed.  So, what’s left to do?  How about taking some time this season to mentor a new hunter?


My niece, Skylar, has recently taken an interest in archery.  She harvested a doe with her crossbow last season while hunting with her father Jamie Hicks.  This year she is working on getting better with her vertical bow in hopes of hunting with it.  Skylar came to visit me for a week this summer. She and I put in some work on her form and release.  My neighbor, and fellow Ridge Runner, Kaitlyn Price offered to spend some time with Sky.  Now for those of you who know about Kaitlyn, you know she defiantly knows a thing or two about shooting a bow.  Kaitlyn and her father both are professional archers sponsored by Mathews Bow company.  Kaitlyn is also the co-founder of ArcHER.  A group dedicated to supporting woman’s archery and promoting its growth.20150730_111426_resized

So when Kaitlyn offered to help, I quickly accepted.  In no time she had Sky dialed in and shooting good groups.  Kaitlyn’s passion for archery and furthering the sport is definitely something special.

I know that for most of us, finding free time to spend in the deer woods is sometimes a difficult thing to do.  I ask you though, try to find some time in your hectic schedules to mentor a new hunter.  The only way we are going to uphold our passion is to increase our numbers.

Best of luck this season and please, if you are planning on hunting from a tree stand,  put your harness on.  Stay attached, stay alive!



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