Junior Ridge Runners Leading the Way

Junior Ridge Runners Leading the Way

Kevin Mennett

May 12th, 2015


The 2015 Pennsylvania Spring Gobbler Season started off with a bang (literally)!  First up was Brayden Mennett.  Opening morning of the special youth hunt found me sitting in a blind with my niece Skylar Hicks.  Skylar came along to help run cameras.  Cory and Brayden Mennett were set up next to us in a second blind.

Cory and I drifted a few soft tree calls down the ridge and were immediately answered by several gobbles.  It didn’t take very long to realize that the gobblers were now on the ground and quickly heading our way.  In fact, a quick peek out of the back of the blind showed a line of Jakes running across the field in a foot race to reach our set up!  Brayden did his part and made a solid shot on a three bearded Jake.  Unfortunately, Cory and I didn’t quite do our parts and failed in getting the kill on video (yet again).  It was all over by 6:50.

The following Saturday found both our Junior Ridge Runners set up in the same general area.  Brayden was sitting with me on one side of the property and Sammy Brunatti was with Cory on the other side.  We had split up in hopes of one of us getting a chance at “Lucky”.  The bird I missed last season.  Lucky showed himself while we were doing Brayden’s after shot interview.

Brayden and I had a few bird’s gobbling off in the distance but they showed no interest in heading our way.  Brayden and I were whispering that we hoped Sammy and Cory were having better luck.  I checked the time, 6:50.  Suddenly a shot rang out from the opposite side of the property.  Sammy and Cory had connected.  Brayden and I hurriedly made our way across the field.  It was nice to see the excitement on Brayden’s face.  He kept asking me if I thought Sammy had got “Lucky”.  It turns out that “Lucky’s” luck had finally run out!    Lucky was almost 19 lbs. with a 9 inch beard.  Sammy made a fantastic shot on his first turkey and Cory did a great job calling and filming.   We finally got a kill on video!

Brayden and Sammy both conducted themselves very well in the field. I was proud and happy to be a part of their hunts and look forward to mentoring our Junior Ridge Runners on many more outings.

Check out the videos of both Brayden’s and Sammy’s hunts under our video section (“Triple” and “A Date With Lucky”)

Good luck with your season.


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