Hunting Season 2017

Hunting Season 2017

Kevin Mennett

October 2nd, 2017


Well, that magical time of year we’ve all been waiting for is here (or just about to be)!  Archery season is kicking off in much of the country and the Ridge Runners are already on the board!  Steve Boswell started his 2017 season in Arizona on an amazing archery elk hunt.  Steve spent several days chasing elk before connecting on an exceptional bull at 50 yards.  Steve has promised a write up on his Arizona Adventure.







Cory and Brian have been running cameras in PA and have several solid bucks that they are hoping to cross paths with this season.  Speaking of paths, I hung a new stand set at my PA lease and I’m trying something new.  I started by looking for a tree to hang my set, which wasn’t as easy as you might think.  I needed a tree big enough to break up my outline and also offer shooting lanes.  After locating a tree in a tiny clearing I then put my experiment into action.  I cut in a path past my stand connecting three existing deer trails.  My hope is that the deer will start running the new path.  Time will tell.


Steve is planning a trip to Kodiak Island Alaska to chase Blacktails.  Ben and I are headed back to Milk  River Montana in a few weeks.  Ben will be chasing Mulies and I will be hunting Whitetails.  We hope to squeeze in some upland bird hunting along the trip.  I’ll keep you updated.


Best of luck on your 2017 season!  Enjoy your time afield and make some memories.  Remember, if you are hunting from a tree stand, stay connected!!


Aim small,



  1. Scott Urban says:

    Great article to help get pumped and excited for the 2017 season! Good Luck to all the Ridge Runners! Awesome Bull Steve! I completed my first Colorado Elk hunt. Though we were unsuccessful in harvesting an Elk, We had some great experiences for sure! Kevin, can’t wait to share my experience with you!

    • Thanks Scott! Congrats on your Elk hunt. I know you weren’t able to put your tag on an elk, but the memories you made will last a life time! You accomplished something that most of us Eastern hunters never will. I’m anxious to hear about your hunt and hope we can get something posted on here to share.

    • Scott, Thank you for the compliment. Congrats to you on getting out and hunting Colorado. I have eaten more elk tags than probably any other species. The part that I like most about your comment is “we had some great experiences”. Take your experiences and keep chasing those elk. I’m looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing about your future elk hunts.

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