2014 Turkey Season

2014 Turkey Season

Kevin Mennett

September 16th, 2014



Hunter:  Brayden Mennett             Photo by:  Skylar Hicks


The 2014 turkey season provided the Ridge Runner Crew with some exciting moments as well as some frustrating ones.  Kaitlyn Price and Brayden Mennett both scored on nice birds; Kaitlyn’s bird came from West Virginia while Brayden’s came from Pennsylvania.  I misjudged the yarding on a huge gobbler and sent my arrow flying harmlessly  under him.  Cory has assured me that he has it all on video and will be posting it soon.  (Thanks little brother!!)


We nicknamed the bird I missed “Lucky” because he seemed to be blessed with an ample amount of luck.  Cory and I had several encounters with Lucky but things always seemed to work in his favor.  Wade James from the Flood City Hitmen even had an opportunity at Lucky, with Lucky coming out the winner yet again. (Sorry Wade, at least Cory doesn’t have your miss on video!)

     Without a doubt, my favorite memory of the season was sharing a blind with my niece Skylar and having the chance to watch Brayden kill his first gobbler.  Cory and I have been taking Brayden turkey hunting since he was five.  He has had plenty of encounters, in fact, we call him the “Turkey Magnet”!  You can view Brayden’s hunt on Youtube under Kevin Mennett
     All in all, the season was a huge success.  We got some video (both hits and misses), shared time in the field with good friends and mentored a couple new turkey hunters.  When it comes down to it, it is the memories we create that are the real trophies we should strive to collect.
Kaitlyn Price and her father, Scott Price

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